How far can an EV go?

An electric vehicle can easily meet most people’s daily driving needs.

The exact distance you can drive on a single charge depends on the type of EV, its battery capacity, the type of roads (flat, hilly or winding) and your driving style.

A drive of 200km is within easy reach of most new EVs.

Use your odometer or Google Maps to record how far you drive in a typical day or week – you might be surprised how easily an EV can meet your needs.

To go further on a single charge

  • Fully charge your EV before you set off.
  • Warm up the interior before you unplug the EV.
  • Inflate tyres to the right pressure.
  • Drive smoothly at a steady speed.
  • Be aware that cold weather reduces an EV’s range, particularly if heaters and demisters are used.
  • Remove any heavy luggage or accessories (such as roof racks) you don’t need.

Plan for long-distance drives

If you’re driving beyond your EV’s battery capacity in one go, plan a route with a public charger at regular intervals. Websites and apps help you do this by showing you the location of public charging stations, whether they’re in working order, and the type of connectors they use.

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