Electric bikes

An e-bike could help you reduce your car use.

Benefits of an e-bike

Electric bikes are an increasingly popular option for low emissions transport.

The battery-powered electric motor makes cycling less of a challenge, providing a boost for hills, headwinds and carrying extra loads.

The battery can be removed from the bike frame and plugged into a regular power socket to charge.

You can buy an e-bike to suit the type of riding you’ll do (such as terrain and distance), or fit an existing bike with a motor kit.

How much does it cost to charge an e-bike?

Fully charging a typical 400Wh battery would cost around 13 cents* and provide a boost for around 40km of travel.

For comparison, running a clothes dryer for 10-15 minutes also costs about 13 cents.

At this rate, cycling 20km five days a week for a year would cost less than $20.

* Calculation assumes 80% efficient charging, consuming 0.5 kWh at a price of $0.26 per kWh. Electricity costs will vary.

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