Information for service providers

EECA aims to deliver quality installations for the government’s Warmer Kiwi Homes programme and supports council insulation programmes with quality and audit arrangements.

This work includes EECA’s list of accepted insulation products, quality manuals and guidelines, quality checks by trained installers, and a limited number of independent audits of work done by all service providers.

The following documents are intended for service providers and auditors.

Quality and audit manuals

Warmer Kiwi Homes

For service providers:

For EECA’s independent auditors:

Council insulation programmes

For installers of insulation and/or clean heating devices, property owners and tenants:

For EECA’s independent auditors:

Accepted insulation and heating products

EECA maintains lists of accepted insulation and clean heating products accepted for use under Warmer Kiwi Homes (insulation only) and council programmes. Product approval policies are also available.

?Accepted insulation and heating products

Grants enterprise management (GEM) guidelines

GEM is EECA's web-based system designed to manage contracts, claims and audits. EECA maintains the following guidelines for Warmer Kiwi Homes and for council programmes.

For service providers: