Funding for heaters and insulation

EECA is offering Warmer Kiwi Homes grants for heaters and home insulation - to make homes warmer, drier and healthier.

Warmer Kiwi Homes is a four-year Government programme now offering grants covering 90% of the cost of an efficient wood burner, pellet burner or heat pump (capped at $3000 including GST), as well as ceiling and underfloor insulation.?

Latest updates

Warmer Kiwi Homes grants are available under COVID-19 Alert Level 2 and insulation and heater installations can take place.

Installations under COVID-19 Alert Level 2

Companies contracted to EECA for Warmer Kiwi Homes have health and safety measures in place to protect both homeowners and installers against the risk of?COVID-19.

Installers will ask you questions about whether anyone in your household has symptoms of COVID-19 and will observe two metre physical distancing. Please help prevent the spread of?COVID-19?by answering these questions and maintaining physical?distancing.

Find out if you are eligible and apply

?Use our online tool to check your eligibility and apply for a grant

To be eligible for a grant you need to own the home you live in, and:
  • your home must have been built before 2008 AND
  • you must have a Community Services or SuperGold Combo Card, OR
  • live in an area identified as lower-income.
To be eligible for a grant for a heater you will need to meet the criteria above, and:
  • you must not have an existing fixed heater in the main living area - e.g. a heat pump, wood or pellet burner, flued gas heater or central heating system.

As insulation is the most important feature for a warm and healthy home, you will need to have ceiling and underfloor insulation installed to EECA standard before you will be eligible for a grant for a heater. If you don’t have adequate insulation, grants are available.

If your home has been insulated through a Government insulation programme, that will be confirmed by us when you apply for a heater grant. Otherwise an EECA insulation provider will do a quick check.

Be aware that funding is limited, and projects may not cover all regions or all areas within a region.?Wood and pellet burners are not available in all areas. We apologise for any inconvenience.

What next?

Once you have applied for a grant through the Warmer Kiwi Homes tool, the service provider/s you selected will contact you to arrange a visit to view your home. The service provider will then give you a quote and talk about the process of getting insulation or a heater installed. You are under no obligation until you sign a contract with a service provider.

?Find out more about wood burners and heat pumps, including running costs.

Contact us

For any questions about Warmer Kiwi Homes or your eligibility, please contact us on 0800 358 676.

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