DIY window insulation kits

Window insulation film works on the same principle as standard double glazing by creating a layer of still air in front of the glass that acts as insulation. You attach it to the window sash or wooden window frames, and not directly onto the glass pane itself.


DIY window insulation kits consist of clear plastic film for attaching to wooden window sashes or frames using double-sided adhesive tape. They cost a fraction of the price of double glazing, yet offer good performance in reducing heat loss and condensation in your home. You can pick up a kit from hardware stores and online shops.

Window insulation film is only designed to last one season, but it may remain intact for several years if your windows are in good condition and the film is undisturbed. Just be aware that adhesive tape used on the film may leave a stain if you leave it on for longer than one season.

Tips for installing

Installing DIY window insulation film is relatively easy - you only need a pair of scissors and a hair dryer.

  • Make sure your window frames are dry and the paint is in good condition to avoid condensation forming inside the air gap.
  • For wooden windows, applying a bead of sealant like silicone along the glass edge will further reduce the risk of moisture creeping into the air gap.
  • Make sure your window pane is clean and streak free before putting the insulation up.


Video - How to install DIY window insulation film.

When to avoid DIY kits

Don’t use DIY window insulation kits:

  • on aluminium joinery because condensation will form on the frame, and the film won’t stick properly
  • where children or pets are likely to damage the film
  • if maintaining a crystal clear view is important
  • if wooden frames are in poor condition, leak, are damp, or have flaking paint
  • if the distance between the internal surface of the window frame and the glass pane is less than 5 mm.

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