Downlights and insulation performance

Safety gaps are necessary with many recessed downlights installed before mid-2012 to prevent the risk of fire. But these gaps leave large holes in your insulation, reducing its ability to hold in the heat. If you have recessed downlights that require a safety gap, it's worth considering alternatives.

Switch to modern LED downlight fittings that don't need a safety gap

Modern LED downlights that are rated IC, IC-F or IC-4 can have compatible insulation fitted over them to keep the heat in and, in addition, could save you up to $20 per year each in lighting costs. There are a few different options on the market so ask your supplier or manufacturer for more information. If you’re not sure of the type you need, check with a registered electrician.

Switch to non-recessed fittings

Replace your recessed downlights with surface-mounted or suspended light fittings that are mounted below the ceiling lining so you can insulate over. It’s best to do this during renovations.