Assess your home

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It's worth checking to find out how warm and dry your home is - there may be some easy, low-cost improvements you can make.

HomeFit Assessment

Developed by the New Zealand Green Building Council, HomeFit is an easy online check to help you assess if your home is warm, safe and dry.

The HomeFit tool will give you a straightforward guide about ways to improve your home – it’s designed for homeowners, renters and landlords.

Visit for information about assessment and certification

HomeFit Certification

An independent HomeFit professional will assess how warm, dry and healthy your home is. Houses with HomeFit certification give homeowners, renters and landlords confidence the home meets ventilation, insulation, heating and energy efficiency standards.

Steps to make your home warmer and drier

?Warming up with insulation

?Getting rid of damp and mould

?Fixing those cold draughts

?Keeping your house fresh and dry