Computers and office equipment

An average computer system (desktop box and monitor) costs around $50 a year to run. But the benefit of getting more efficient office equipment doesn’t just stop at energy savings. Often the most efficient products run cooler and last longer - so it’s worth shopping around.

Smart use of computers

We are using more computer and technology devices - read our tips to avoid wasting energy and money.

  • Turn your computer, WiFi and other equipment off at the wall at night, or when not in use?- use multi-plug power boards with a power switch to easily turn multiple devices off. Remote-controlled plugs and power boards let you turn equipment off without having to bend under your desk.
  • Set up power management features - like putting your computer into ‘sleep mode' after a certain period of inactivity. Turn off screen savers, as they can stop the computer from going in to sleep mode.
  • Switch into sleep mode when you don’t need it for more than a few minutes.